Fishermen Village of 'Muara Angke' still beats...

Morning around 5:45am at a fishermen village in Muara Angke, North Jakarta, the place whence the fishermen in the sea, they continue to propel their wooden boats and never tired.

The fishermen generally reside in the west and south, they back up the boats along the banks of Angke River in western and southern region. Meanwhile, fishing dock embankment in the north, in the rest of the fishermen housing complex there for the fishermen, bus and city transport and fuel filling station site. On the other side of this village there is a sale of seafood and grilled fish in Jakarta.

Muara Angke, a name that until now have not agreed upon from where they are, muara (estuary, firth) of course means the meeting place of river and the sea, but Angke itself has many versions of this. Some say comes from the name of a Banten Kingdom warlords in the past, Tubagus Angke but there are other versions of this name.

The morning when the fishermen starting to work, as usual, they began to prepare fishing nets, paddles, ropes fares, spears, long knives, compass and various other needs to be carried out to sea, all seemed busy. Who thought of this area is one of the fishing center, the heart of the fish trade in Southeast Asia.

Different flavors of the fish can be found at this Pasar Ikan (Fish Market), of course the sea fish that are difficult to find in other fish markets, they have a network of local traders as well as from other countries, vendors and suppliers to various places in cities around Jakarta and other cities.

Fishermen who never tired to go out to the sea, fight on the face of oppression waves, while the one-sided development of the area continue to happen.

(Various sources /Images Veronica Saver)


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