Rendang, One of the World's 50 most delicious foods

Read a status updates of a friend at a social media sites on a variety of foods in the world that are worth a trip traveling to some country, "World's 50 most delicious foods" with interesting subtitles, Some foods you eat to stay alive, others you eat because not to would be a crime. Here are those foods worth traveling the world to gorge on.

The friend was so eager to ask other friends in the group to give a vote or a like sign, haha ... I prefer a natural, because it could have a delicious meal in the ranking of the world back to the person's appetite or to someone who already knew and tried the food.

Of course the articles is subjective, as compiled based on a poll on fb site. We never know when it is talking about people's tastes, as written in the article that appeared on the CNN Go site, the author of the article started with the words of George Bernard Shaw, "There is no love sincerer than the love of food," judging by the number of amazing dishes out there.

We do not doubt the opinion of Bernard Shaw, of course! 50 kinds of food, according to a poll at a site, wow... All can be changed about the foods which country's most delicious, tastes can not be set and people would say the food in their country (of course) are the most delicious.

I live in a country that familiar with “rendang” and I must say that rendang, of course, necessarily subjective. What kind of food? Rendang is traditional food from West Sumatra actually part of a menu prepared from beef (general). Dishes should be cooked with firewood because it can provide a fragrant aroma. Necessary to add other seasonings such as green coconut milk, turmeric leaf, kaffir lime leaves, lemon grass leaf is equipped spice red pepper, ginger, galangal, shallots, turmeric and garlic.

Cook the coconut milk with turmeric leaves, kaffir lime leaves and lemongrass.Then enter the already crushed spices to a boil and reduce heat, and enter the meat that already cut into pieces and stirring constantly with a flat to mature evenly. Cook beef over medium heat until thickened coconut milk and a bit dry and the meat has become tender, and ready to be served. To enjoy rendang would be accompanied by additional other menus, such as rice, crackers and fruit pickles.... yummy...

For more fragrant, usually seasoning mashed (sauteed with vegetable oil) and enter the newly inserted pieces of meat and coconut milk.

Well if so, of the 50 foods found on the list, perhaps only half have ever tried, the other of course was a stranger and bring a sense of wonder and curiosity to try everything, haha...

Here's a list of world’s 50 most delicious foods:

1.Kari Massaman, Thailand
2.Neapolitan Pizza, Italia
3.Chocolate, Mexico
4.Sushi, Jepang
5.Peking Duck, Cina
6.Hamburger, Jerman
7.Penang Assam Laksa, Malaysia
8.Tom Yam Goong, Thailand
9.Ice Cream, Amerika
10.Chicken Muamba, Gabon
11.Rendang, Indonesia
12.Sheperd's Pie, Inggris
13.Corn on the cob, global
14.Doughnut, Amerika
15.Kalua pig, Amerika
16.Egg Tart, Hongkong
17.Lobster, global
18.Kebab, Iran
19.Nam tok moo, Thailand
20.Arepaz, Venezuela
21.Croissant, Perancis
22.Brownie and Vanila Ice cream, global
23.Lasagna, Italia
24.Champ, Irlandia
25.Buttered Garlic Crab, India
26.Fajitas, Mexico
27.Montreal Style Smoked Meat, Canada
28.Pho, Vietnam
29.Ohmi-gyu Beefsteak, Jepang
30.Goi cuon, Vietnam
31.Parma ham, Italia
32.Ankimo, Jepang
33.Fish n Chips, Inggris
34.Maple Syrup, Kanada
35.Chilli Crab, Singapura
36.Texas BBQ pork, Texas
37.Chicken parm, Australia
38.Frensh Toast, Hongkong
39.Ketchup, Amerika
40.Marzipan, Jerman
41.Stinky Tofu, Asia Tenggara
42.Buttered Tost with Marmite, Inggris
43.Tacos, Mexico
44.Poutine, Kanada
45.Chicken Rice, Singapura
46.Som Tam, Thailand
47.Seafood Paella, Spanyol
48.Potato Chips, Amerika
49.Masala Dosa, India
50.Buttered popcorn, Amerika

Is there a most delicious of all? It depends on someone's taste and it can not be measured with variables and parameters that are uncertain. Enjoying all the time it is definitely in the future, just wait....

(Many sources /Image CC)


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