London riots invite tourism concerns

Although there were hit by riots in various cities with large losses incurred, the world witnessed all and give effect to the country's tourism. It seems that this event did not make the UK, especially London loses their charm for tourisms.

London is one of the world tourist destination with residents from various ethnic, cultural, religious and diversity language make them as the cosmopolitan city of dreams, including one of the major cities in the world besides New York, Paris and Tokyo are developing in various fields such as financial, communication and art.

London residents calling themselves the Londoner who lived peacefully with the most courteous manners in the world, this gives a special impression to newcomers.

London is a comfortable place for various organizations, institutions and large corporations in the world, all created in an atmosphere of harmonious mix between tradition and high technology environment. Do not ask again when talking about England, particularly London with its cultural attractions, palaces, castles, museums, theaters, concert halls, galleries, buildings with high-tech nuance, airports and the famous Wembley Stadiums.

Travelers from various countries did not hesitate when they travel to London to watch the tourist locations, such as the Tower of London, London Bridge, Wesminster Abbey Parliament building, enjoy and sitting at the Trafalgar Square, came to the Queen of England Palace, Buckingham Palace, and the David Cameron’s residence, the British Prime Minister at Downing Street 10.

Next year Britain will host the 2012 Summer Olympics, it is worried many circles, but as presented by Tom Jenkins, Executive Director of the ETOA (The European Tour Operators Association), that as long as the violence remains in the suburbs of London, its main visitor attractions will remain unaffected and tourism will continue, "British people won’t be put off from visiting the Olympics in Stratford because a year earlier shop windows were broken in Hackney," said Mr Jenkins.

Likewise, Ellen LeCompte, travel consultants in the United States, as quoted from the CNN site said it was a few clients have contacted her with concerns about travel to London, but she's not expecting to change many itineraries.

"This morning, when I called over there to talk to a couple of friends, they said the worst has passed. Last night was quiet" in London, LeCompte said Wednesday from her office at Sterling Brownell Travel in Atlanta.

For tourists, caution and awareness are key, LeCompte said. "But for the average tourist sticking to the major tourist sites... you're going to be OK."

The remains optimistic tone presented by the European Tour Operators Association, they say that there should be little impact on tourism in London, they're ready to bounce back.

London will recovers quickly from such events and focus on recovery. Hopefully occur before next year’s Olympics and the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen in the coming next summer.

(Many sources of CNN /Image CC)


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