Variety flavors of 'Waroeng Ethnic'

If you can not stand the city highway congestion of Bandung, especially when entering a busy week end with the most tourists from the capital Jakarta, an attractive option in a place on the north corner of the city of Ciumbuleuit, Bandung, away from the crowds.

Shady place that give a sense of comfort for visitors, a house that changed into the restaurant with a place to relax in the backyard along with a beautiful swimming pool adds to the atmosphere.

Menus are available ranging from breakfast and lunch they serve Indonesian homemade dishes, while European dishes for dinner, freedom to choose for visitors...

They have many menu mainstay, ranging from the fried banana chocolate feel sweet and crisp on the tongue, choice of toast with various content egg, ham and sausage, Indonesian food is also an option, such as Yellow Rice, Chicken Penyet Rice, Gepuk Penyet Rice, Ham Fried Rice and Rawon Rice.

When the night came prepared with a menu of European food, different types of steak options available, then their menu mainstay, Rosti Potatoes, Rosti con Verdure, Rosti Pan Beef, Rosti Poulet Champignon and Rosti con Salmon. Typical food of Switzerland origin in the grated potatoes mixed in butter or cheese and cook over pan fried, yummy....

Rosti Potatoes fried taste delicious, dry outside and soft inside, with chicken and mushrooms stup sown mixed with grilled cheese on the rosti potatoes, fragrant aroma mixed with grilled cheese, savory and delicious!

Try appetizers, such as Vietnamese spring rolls, Fish and Chips and Lime BBQ Chicken... Spring rolls contains a mixture of dried shrimp and vegetables, the skin crisp and delicious with spicy chili seasoning...

If you like Indonesian food please even attempt Tutug Oncom Rice presented with a beautiful add taste, delicious with fried chicken marinade flavors of red cikur make distinctive sounds in the mouth, all feels right in our tongue...

Visiting riches Bandung culinary will not be completed with one visit, want to go back there and try it again, again and again....

Waroeng Ethnic
Jl. Rancabentang 18
Business Hours: 0700 – 1800 (week end until 2300)
Tel: 022-708 32 75

(Various sources /Images J. Aditya, L. Sardi, Sienny and Waroeng Ethnic Pages)


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