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Children play in a city square, Sydney - Image Credit J Tobing

Bringing the small children to a tourist site can be an exciting journey for them, but on the other side a tourist site can be a less suitable place for them.

Children need to be consulted where they want to go, especially if the child has reached age 4 or 5 years, their quite capable of discussing in determining vacation spot that is right for their age.

Some tips to consider, as follows:

1. Tourist sites. Children love the exciting sights and have an activity that can make them move. For example: zoos, safari parks, water park, and others.

2. Let the kids involved and give a list of attractions. Nowadays children know where to go to some tourist area, they have separate options for day trips. This is important because they are being creative to exclude ideas according to their dream of tourist attractions.
3. Look at what kind of their interest. Tourists site must necessarily correspond with their interests, such as going to the beach, they knew that they would swim there and what kind of equipment will be brought, or go camping and so on.

4. Mileage to the location. Children need to know the advantages and disadvantages of a tourist place, there will have any attraction, whether far or near the place, how much it cost to get there and others.
5. Notice the little child's needs. In the course the child often becomes bored, for example, then they became fussy and crying, sleepiness and being naughty, it is necessary to prepare them to be rested at home for not too tired on the trip.

6. Snacks and drinks. Necessary for the child because it can be used as a delaying boredom on the way, include entertainment on the go with singing, playing guessing the color of the car that will pass in front and others.
7. Prepare for the worst. Prepare everything in detail, how the possibilities on the road, whether the rainy season, the traffic and the various things that can prolong the trip.

8. Use the tour as a learning tool. Invite your child to discuss with their journey, whether of interest there and is there something they want to ask or to recognize the new attractions that have never encountered before.

Happy traveling!

Source: TravelKompas, detikTravel
Image: J Tobing


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