Seychelles sharks end a 9-year-beauty honeymoon couples

The under water sea enchantment and beautiful white sand of Seychelles has been known worldwide as one of the world's top tourist destination with an offer honeymoon tourism, and that's where the choice for couples undergoing honeymoon.

Beaches of Seychelles have the very similar atmosphere with the beaches on the islands of Belitung, Indonesia, and has a coastal tourism cooperation.

Honeymoon tourism does have its own characteristics for couples who done it, they would have imagined a beauty, intimacy and incomparable romance with the support of enchanting tourist resort.

Newlywed couple from England, Ian Redmond, 30, a software developer, and Gemma Houghton, 27, who had undergone during the nine-year relationship with Ian before marriage on August 6, and they chose the Anse Lazio Beach, Praslin Island, Seychelles Islands,

"But I feel ‘privileged and proud’ has spent nine years with Ian," said Gemma, a teacher in England.

Before they went the beach, Gemma still managed to ask an officer at the front office, and they say, "This beach is safe and there’s no shark swimming around the shore."

She and her husband run to the beach and opt for sunbathing, while Ian immediately snorkeling 30 feet from the beach and the events that took place so quickly. Ian Redmond attacked by a shark with the size of around two meters, Tuesday, August 16 afternoon local time.

A witness saw a large part of the foot Redmond had no flesh, bone and even his feet are evident. His face was pale after being attacked and the blood kept pouring from a large wound in the leg, he was beyond help, being so tense, when Gemmma screaming hysterically.

"Shark bite his arm and partially tore his left knee. Two men who were nearby tried to save him," local police said who brought him by speedboat for help to the crisis center in town.

Gemma is so sad and heart broken while her parents who flew to the island of Praslin to help repatriate the body’s home, tried to comfort her.

Bill Houghton, Gemma’s uncle said, "She has made it with all the heart and soul. They will move into a new house after the honeymoon, but they would never live there now. So sad."

(Various sources Kompas, The Telegraph /Images CC)


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