'Baliem Valley Cultural Festival 2011' is so tempting!

Do not just go to Bali or Java Island if you travel in Indonesia, right! How about directing attention to the eastern part of Indonesia? Ah, there a lot of tour to a virgin place like a girl who never been touched, original!

The Tempting Papua! Of course and will not be disappointed, after the lively Lake Sentani Festival 2011 and inviting the interest of tourists from various countries, then we aware, there is something hidden on the earth of Papua at the eastern end of Indonesia.

Baliem Valley Cultural Festival 2011 (Festival Lembah Baliem 2011) held in the Mosilimo Village, Wamena, Jayawijaya on 8 until August 11, 2011, a festival that has taken place every year since 22 years ago and received support from the Ministry of Cultural and Tourism of Indonesia since 2006. Would have been interesting to see Papuan cultural served with a deep sense of artistry.

Imagine a variety of typical activities of Baliem Valley communities, cultural attractions in the Baliem Valley tribes who danced the spears, arrows and sticks dances. Listen to the cries of distinctive tribes of the interior of Papua tribe...

Festival organizers prepare and packed the event so tourists can get involved in every game and cultural attractions, throw a spear at a target event as done in the deep forest while hunt the animals, like wild boar, deer and hare. Who does not like to try it?

Some other attractions for visitors to the festival such as the way to the attractions in the Baliem Valley, caves, the unique salt water wells, then through the dense forest with a variety of forest plants, wild orchids and wild animals, venturing into an area with the wide
white sands in the middle of the forest, watching the old-mummy of tribal chief who had hundreds of years
and various other jungle tours atmosphere that bring passion and challenge.

Forest while watching tours attractions of the festival there certainly brings its own experience for a tourist, thre’s no ordinary inn provided, but a campsite that offered by the organizers.

Camping tours and the adventure in the forest, what an unique combination!

(Various sources friends, Kompas and Directorate of Promotion of Tourism Destination Wilayah Lima, Wamena, Jayawijaya, Papua /Image CC and Daniel Rattu)


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