'Oud Batavia', the old town of Jakarta as a "living heritage old city"

The Indonesian government seems increasingly serious make Jakarta's old town, Oud Batavia as a one tourist destination in the future by registering to the UN Agency, UNESCO in 2015 as a living heritage old city.

As presented by the Directorate General of Destinations Development of Cultural and Tourism Ministry say where the old city will be included in the DMO Program (Destination Management Organization). Means the old city will experience an increase in international tourist destination management of Jakarta.

The old town will focus on heritage tourism destination, in line with the concept of the DMO that unites all segments of society in developing a tourist destination city.

Culture and Tourism Ministry and the Jakarta Provincial Government inaugurated the opening of the DMO Program, July 22, 2011 at the Bank Mandiri Museum, Jakarta Old Town area, in the show ‘Kick Off DMO Jakarta Old Town’, aims to inform the public, that in 2015, the old city region will be a tourism destination that can compete globally.

A serious step that needs to be done by the Government of Indonesia, given the progress of time around the area so quickly, development of a modern high buildings have sprung up, such as hotels, apartments, malls and shopping centre, so the government must prepare for everything, including rules that can save this old city.

The realization of the DMO Program certainly should have priority in every step that can be accomplished, such as the common perception, commitment and awareness of all and then form LWG (Local Working Group) consisting of representatives of each stakeholder.

Not an easy step for the Indonesian government, but will provide long-term benefits for the tourism world with a legacy of the fascinating old city.

Just imagine if this region sterilized from everything that made them miserable, because the construction of modern buildings around it, we can bike around the alleys of the old buildings, without worry about the highway congestion and air pollution, enjoy the cultural living of an old Betawi Tradition around and find some unique culinary in the past. Beautiful!

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(Source Kompas, Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Indonesia /Images Prima Widi Hatmi)


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