Healthy bath in Mengeruda hotsprings river, Soa Flores

Place to relax in a natural hotspring river with shady trees at the foot of the Inelika volcano mountain, cold air temperatures surroundings at an altitude of about 1000 meters above sea level, which has been known since time immemorial used by farmers who have worked a full day on the farm.

Mengeruda Hotsprings river in the Mengeruda village, Soa, Ngada, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara forming small waterfalls as natural tourist attractions release naturally hot water from the soil with a temperature of 86-104 degree Fahrenheit.

These rivers can be reached in about 1 hour trip from the city of Bajawa or approximately 50 miles from Riung to the south, crowded by tourists from various places such as Manggarai, Ende and foreign tourists on holidays, enjoying the heat of hot water containing sulfur is believed to cure various skin diseases, rheumatism and the body fatigue.

Ngada local government work hard to give attention for infrastructure in this tourist area region, such as the Nature Riung 17 Island, the beautiful beach of Aimere and Selata, Megaliths Village of Bena.

Tourists can see first hand the tourism charm of Megaliths Village of Bena, centers of nine ancient tribes scattered around Ngada region, located at the southern foot of the Inerie volcano or 20 miles south of the city of Bajawa.

A traditional village made up of ancient rocks that have been hundreds of years old and traditional shape stage houses lined up (the locals call it 'peo' houses), away from modern technological advances, there is no electricity only oil lamps, they farmed and made textile crafts, live in peace, long-lived with ancient kinship system of social stratification held sincerely and obediently.

Tourists continue to arrive with a variety of purposes enjoy the natural atmosphere of Ngada, they try to maintain their original cultural values of traditional society, in the midst of simplicity to face the temptations of surrounding technological advances.

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(Source Marlin Bato, Flores Cultural Observer /Images CC and M. Bato)


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