The Special Jamblang Rice of Cirebon...

Take a walk along the street of Gunung Sari we will see a row of roadside stalls selling Jamblang Rice, typical food of the city of Cirebon, West Java. People in this city called the Sega Jamblang presented with the use of teak leaves as a wrapper of rice.

Provided food placed on the table with a variety choices of menu, such as spicy fried, tofu vegetables, lungs, liver or meat stews, vrijkadel, potatoes satay, scrambled eggs, fried eggs chili cooked, stew fish, salted fish, tofu and tempeh.

Talking about Jamblang rice in this town, all eyes will be directed to a famous seller, namely “Sega Jamblang Mang Dul” not far from Gunung Sari Street. Anyone of local residents have no doubt point to these stalls.

Besides the famous “Sega Jamblang Mang Dul” we also can try also at the center of the city of Cirebon, jamblang rice meal located in the Grage Mall. Always open from morning to morning, noon and night again, 24 hours.

The atmosphere is different also in the row of stalls on the roadside town, "Come on sir, please come in, we also provide tasty jamblang rice. No need to hesitate," said a sellers there.

Pak Seto provides a special menu that complements the food wrapped in teak leaves, he makes every portion of a pack of rice amounting to approximately hand fist. Food complement of side dishes such as various processed tofu and tempeh, shrimp and scallop skewers, chicken livers, eggs, and many other side dishes. All available and taken and put on teak leaves. Wooww.... Feels spicy and delicious!

Indeed, rice wrapped in teak leaves will last longer, no perishable food and gives a different scent. Enjoying one serving was still lacking and want to add more, yummy...

(Various sources /Image CC)


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