Taste the sweetness of Dodol Betawi

Betawi ethnic cuisine of the native tribe of Jakarta always increasing demand for the buyer when the coming of Hari Raya Lebaran Idul Fitri and Idul Adha because it has become tradition of them. True, to the Betawi people, dodol Betawi is a typical dish that must exist in the celebrations of Hari Raya Idul Fitri.

Tradition that has sustained a lot of people involved in the dodol production, includes not only the food crafts, but also workers and the traders.

Dodol Betawi fans can come from area around Jakarta, such as Bintaro, Depok, and Bandung, even from Saudi Arabia had ordered in bulk, says H. Mamas, one of the seller and dodol maker at his home in Batu Ampar I, Condet, East Jakarta.

This typical food is made of various materials, such as coconut, brown sugar, white sugar, glutinous rice, durian and then incorporated into the oven for 6 hours. In the dodol making process has a special extra mixture in accordance with the prescriptions of each manufacturer, for example, mixing the dough with jackfruit and cempedak to make the different taste.

Dodol Betawi sale price depending on the type of taste, the durian taste, the price is Rp 40.000 (3.48 USD) per besek (dodol baskets), black glutinous taste Rp 45.000 (4.63 USD) and the usual sense of Rp 30.000,- (3.48 USD).

The white smoke kept billowing from the cauldron full of dodol batter, workers continue to knead the dough and ignored the heat of the coals from the stove burning, rushing relentlessly towards the celebration of special days for the tribe of Betawi also favored by the tourists in Jakarta.

It’s very sweet and tasty!

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(Various sources Kompas, Mr. Elias, Mr Yudin /Images Mr Yudin and CC)


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