The unique Jews Cake, it’s tasty and sweet!

Ambon islands known as the province with the local population who have spontaneous character, frankly, simple and happy with the small islands around it. The people doing everyday activities move from one place to another using wooden boats.

Besides the beautiful nature surroundings of the island are marked by blue sea water here and there, the people there love the arts, music and dancing, fun to be around the islands.

In addition we can meet a variety of eastern side culinary, the food is made from sago and typical drink derived from sugar palm fruit. Likewise, the cookies are very tasty. There is a typical cake is hard to find because it is only made when it is fasting month, the Jews cake.

No one knows why this cake is named Jews Cakes, and no association with the name of the Jews in Israel, they do not understand the origin of the name of this cake, just a name. Don’t know since when used that name for this cake, according to their ancestors who may know.

The basic ingredients of this cake is flour, egg, cocoa powder, egg, condensed milk and vanilla with some other spices is the secret menu of each creators. All the above herbs are mixed and put into a round baking dish, whipped and baked in the oven with a certain temperature for about an hour.

This unique cake sold in shops owned by one of the creators, like mother Fadila or other sellers such as the father of Hashim, a piece of cake for Rp 1000, - (0.12 USD) only, people can buy a piece of this cake alone or in large portions orders.

Not many people know the recipe to bake these Jews Cake, only one or two families who know how to make it, they generally live in the area of Batumerah, the city of Ambon, each of them have their own secret recipes are different from each other, "I have made since the first generation to generation as a family recipe since decades ago," she said.

Arises curiosity at the sight of this unique cakes, the cake is shaped somewhat unattractive, just like a regular cake that we often encounter in the cake store made from the basic ingredients of flour, pale yellow with a sprinkling of chocolate powder on it.

"Very good taste, especially when breaking the fast, tasty and tender!" said a woman shoppers in the late afternoon in the city.

This cake is very popular for local resident of Ambon, Mollucas Province, peoples comes from daytime to evening and loved it. because it is suitable as a meal breaking the fast menu with savory flavors on the tongue and soft when eaten.

(Source some friends and /Images CC)


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