Celebrate the Sea Festival 2011 Manado

Who doesn’t like Manado with its natural beauty underwater, fascinating Bunaken Marine Park, conveniently location, within a triangular area of the world's reefs in eastern Indonesia. This makes the scarcity of marine life to be the target of the tourist world.

Celebrate the Sea Festival 2011 is a 10th annual event of the largest sea imaging and art competitions in the Asia Pacific region – as the result of cooperation between the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Indonesia and OceanNEnvironment Australia.

The festival takes place in the city of Manado, North Sulawesi as the biggest event outside Europe, in particular the "Festival Mondial de l'Image Sous Marine" to 39 in Marseille, France.

After the success of a similar event held last year in Manila, Philippines, this time Indonesia is ready to host the upcoming implementation in September 23 to 25 who planned to be held in Sintesa Peninsula Hotel to be attended by leaders, photographers and lovers of the sea to meet in the city of Manado from 25 countries worldwide.

A series of events which will take place among other marine conservation forum, film and photos presentation of Bunaken Marine Park and Lembeh Strait, art competitions, seminars invited the leaders of marine and gala award ceremony.

The festival is more interesting because it was attended by luminaries of the world as a speaker and a team of judges such as Emmy Kristof (inventor of the wreck of the Titanic from the National Geographic Explorer), Steven Spielberg (film director), Howard and Michelle Hall (cineast – Deep Sea & Coral Reef Eden IMAX 3D), Chou Loke Sun PhD (Professor of Department of Biological Sciences, NUS), Mark Erdmann PhD (Senior Advisor Indonesia marine program), Michael AW (author of 'Richest Reefs Indonesia, Beneath Bunaken'), Steve Jones (explorers and underwater photojournalist), Joe Moreira (Editor in Chief of the Ocean Geographic), Ronny Rengkung (underwater photographer), and special guest Valerie Taylor (shark experts and conservationists, Australia).

Underwater photographers from different parts of the world certainly will not miss a great event there, an underwater film festival event and an international underwater photo competition, presents breathtaking scenery deep down under the sea waiting for them.

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