Paddycab, American "Becak" in Orlando, USA

For Indonesian people who visited or travel to the United States would be surprised to see a similar means of transport of 'becak' (pedicab or rickshaw) as in their country. True, there are becak in the city of Orlando, but they call it Paddycab.

Although the becak transport in Indonesia is difficult to find in big cities, but in small towns might still be found.

Of course, the tourist will wonder, what kind this means of transportation? Paddycab made of mountain bikes types that given a two-wheeled iron frame connection at the rear. Order was given back seat for passengers. There paddycab which has one seat for two passengers, but there is also designed two lines for four passengers.

Paddycab operating in the area of International Drive, Orlando. This regions filled with hotel locations and hawker centers in the that tourists town. In that area there are also the Orange County Convention Centre which is a meeting place, exhibitions, and other activities are almost never empty throughout the year.

Maybe for tourists who had visited the city of Singapore also get to see a pedicab or rickshaw transport, which operates around the area of Orchard Road, so we should not be surprised if paddycab is also provided for the tourists who visit this city. Pedicab also can be found in other Asian cities for tourism purposes only.

Tourists who are interested in using the services of paddycab can see around the area, at least 20 paddycab available there, even though they will compete with taxis, buses, or other public transportation. At night, there are more paddycab because of transportation for short distances is very rare, so they take the role of transport for short distances at a rate of about USD 5 - 20 per passenger.

Of course this will atracts the tourists who visit this city.

(Source S Rangkuti, Kompas /Images J Handogo)


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