Looking for Wild Nature and Ancient Culture in Jambi

A province in the middle of the island of Sumatra and has named the provincial capital city of Jambi is located on the east coast in the central part of Sumatra Island.

Interesting region with the Malay culture that is still firmly attached within the population there. What is interesting when we arrived in this region?

Jambi has at least two things that could be an attraction to tourists when visiting Jambi, namely the wild and cultural attractions. Call it the Mount Kerinci or the Batanghari River which divides the city of Jambi into two parts, one side of the north and one south.

There was also potential for historical tourism which is still in development and continue to experience restoration, which is the site of the temple complex is located at Muarojambi in Muaro Sebo, City of Jambi District.

There is another idol island has beautiful natural scenery, Geopark National Park that is still in the middle of the studies as well as a myriad of other unique places.

A city which is also the name of the province, Jambi, interesting place to visit with many interesting historical sites with the legend, the city comfortable and safe after Bali, it is appropriate to visit for free from the chaotic situation.

Geopark became one tourist attraction in this region, nature of the fossil remains of flora and fauna of the old sea 250-290 million years ago in the state is still intact and is second to none in the world, especially in geology palaentology. There is also many legends of the past in this area, pent became hereditary since the ancestors of the Malays as well as traces of cultural sites with the charm of Muarojambi Buddhist belief in the kingdom of Srivijaya.

Many mysteries and unique characteristics are not revealed wide and into a tourist attraction for the tourists who love the trail of ancient history tour in the region.

(Source ANT, Department of Culture and Tourism /Images Dok Budpar, Jambi Tourism)


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