Corpse Flower Blooming Again in Bengkulu

Good news for fans of the giant plants that have special smell, the scents like dead meat, so if you're not ready with that smells, please immediately should avoid, because the flowers bloom again in Bengkulu, Indonesia, on Thursday, October 3, 2011.

Fans of Corpse Flower or Carrion Flower (Amorphophallus titanum Becc.) can enjoy the scents of its typical smells at Rajolelo Forest Park, Bengkulu. A chance for fans of the corpse flowers to present at the location, because this flower has not bloom properly.

About 165 centimeters tall flower is just beginning to bloom, petals not open properly. Sting of bad smell is usually found in Carrion Flowers and don’t even smelt. There are still approximately one week before the flowers bloom perfectly.

Flowers are flexible and can grow in a variety of geographical conditions, so scattered in various places around the world, especially in the botanical garden owned by cultivators or specialists. In the United States, the flowers has always attracted the attention of many visitors, although visitors should prepare themselves to "enjoy the smell".

With flowers that grow in the form of a giant, large and high achieving 2-3 meters, the flowers bloom only 3-4 years, with two phases in the life alternately, the vegetative phase and generative phase. In the vegetative phase the leaves and stems appear fictitious to 6 m high, after several years, this vegetative organs wither and dormant tubers.

Often people mistakenly thought and can not distinguish between dead flowers with Rafflesia arnoldii Flower, probably because people have to know that Rafflesia Flower as the largest and then skewed to the size of the Corpse Flower that is also a giant flower.

When ready to scent it smells let’s immediately to the location, the blooming Corpse Flower is one of the Amorphophallus tubers planted on June 25, 2011 and, thus informed by Wance Ramli, Head of the Rajolelo Forest Park Bengkulu.

25 tubers are planted and about six of them have been and are blooming into flowers, the management of Rajolelo Forest Park hopes that the arrival of the rainy season will make the corpse flowers can grow. These flowers need moist environments to grow well.

(Source N Budoyo, Rajolelo Forest Park Bengkulu, Kompas /Images N Budoyo and wiki)


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