Spiritual Tourism in Island of Bali, Can it be Performed?

The growing needs of the majority of tourists from America and Europe that enjoy a trip with spiritual travel, this makes the travel actors on the island of Bali interested in developing a model of spiritual tourism.

Travellers from the United States is very interested in spiritual tourism on the Island of Bali and they jointly participating in the meditation, spiritual tours, even though their understanding is not intended to encourage tourists to pray at pretending.

What is a spiritual tourism? A picture is sometimes the sense is often wrong but meant more to offer to tourists to enjoy the atmosphere of tranquility, both physical and mental, tourists can enjoy the spiritual aura when following spiritual tourism.

A tourist area in Taman Ujung Sukasada, Karangasem be one of spiritual attraction with a new concept to attract tourists, foreign tourists that coming to the District of Karangasem is high enough, so it is important to develop the concept of spiritual tourism than rather discuss about tourist infrastructure, such as cruise pier, but in fact not finished and can not be operated.

Meanwhile, I Wayan Aksara, Marketing Manager of Puri Ageng Blahbatuh said that the Island of Bali is still attractive for tourist destination with a still life of spiritual aura of the Hindus sacred temple, as well as support the pura as a driver of art and culture.

"In the process, of course, its follow the rules in each area without injuring the meaning of the temple itself," he said.

Spiritual Tourism is not an indiscriminate tourism model, because the spiritual tourism are usually preferred by particular people and not from ordinary people, so it needs to involve spiritual leaders to unite for a discussion with the concept of spiritual tourism itself.

Bali has the ability with their natural beauty, culture and art as well as a very conducive atmosphere of religious, subsequently the preparation of spiritual tourism infrastructure it must be nicely packaged and in particular, too, so its presence is really hit and will bring peace.

(Source ANT, IW Suryawan /Images IW Suryawan)


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