Finding the Solitude Tourism in Bali

Travelers have a taste that determines the direction of the tourism market in Bali, in addition to the needs of tourists from Europe who are very aware of the healthy and green environment. What they want are not just the travel itself, but also looking for a tourism place with friendly environmentally, tourist attractions, hotels and lodging with the efficient use of energy.

Travel perpetrators should certainly respond the market needs, a tourists change tendency who visited Bali, if in the year 1970-1980's, the hotel lodgings they like is that there are white sandy beaches.

The period has changed, most tourists prefer to enjoy solitude or spiritual tourism, tourism players in the accomodation industrial sector develop the river ravine and valley tourism.

I Wayan Munut, one of the tourism players who pioneered this tour, he bought land on the riverbank in Kadewatan, 35 km northeast of Denpasar, later built a cottage equipped with spa facilities and of course the attractive nature scenery.

Tourist love this attractions, tourists come from various countries, the ideal place to run a holiday with the hotel on the slopes of a cliff or ravine as a place to stay in Bali. An experience which provides a magical atmosphere for the residents.

Hotels in Bali immediately respond, including hotels and lodging in Ubud area aware of this, foreign tourists on holiday to Bali want peace of mind. They want to forget for a moment flurry of activity that is very tiring in their country.

Bali has an atmosphere that supports the tranquility of nature with the availability of a hotel or villa on the edge of the river, ravine or on the slopes of cliffs which are mostly located in rural areas.

The silence and serenity apparently can become a tourist attraction today, which supports the natural surroundings, the atmosphere of the villages that give different shades as if back to past lives. World just like stopping.

(Source ANT /Images agoda.web)


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