Delicious Smoor or Stew, Please Try!

Rendang is widely discussed as one of Asia's most delicious world culinary held by CNN International through an internet survey involving 35,000 respondents, a rendang dish ranked first in the list of “World's 50 Most Delicious Foods”. Although even need to be given a further explanation of rendang.

Rendang can not eat by itself because it is a food supplement, a typical food from West Sumatra, Indonesia, very popular in all societies whether in Indonesia itself or outside the country, is a traditional dish using coconut milk with beef as main ingredient.

A community of foodies in Indonesia sees that not only mentioning rendang as a dish worth which can be categorized as the world culinary heritage, they trying to lift stews (‘smoor’ or ‘semur’) as one of Indonesia's cultural heritage and the world that is equivalent to rendang dish.

Stew is a typical dish of Indonesia which is a blend of typical mix spices of Indonesia expertise and European cooking techniques. The stew is Dutch origin, smoor, which means cooking meat stewed with tomatoes and onions slowly, eventually embodied in the traditions of the Indonesian nation, and become a family favorite menu every Indonesians.

Served in the form of meat, tofu, or eggs cooked with a sauce that uses a variety of spices. It’s sweet at the tongue suitable for anyone. In addition, the stew can also be enjoyed at any time to eat as a rice friend supplement.

Red and white garlic base variety is the spice of food in Indonesia, besides an additional variety of other spices to enhance flavor, such as coriander, nutmeg, pepper, cloves, and cinnamon. However, stews feature lies in the use of soy sauce as a flavor enhancer and sticky sweet caramel brown color gives the appetite.

Cuisine is an integral part of the culture and traditions of a nation so that it becomes the identity of a nation, "With a minimum of material, we can get the flavor of stews optimal. Cuisine is not fat because it does not use coconut milk, and can be managed with vegetable proteins such as tempeh , tofu, or egg, which is simpler," said Dr. Phil Lily Tjahjandari, cultural studies expert from the University of Indonesia.

In the midst of a global flow that presents a variety of culinary abroad in Indonesia, the stew is still a favorite for family meals. Stew also has the potential to become vice culinary of Indonesia in foreign countries because of the taste is acceptable in Asian countries and Europe.

(Source femaleKompas /Images JakFoodRecipes)


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