The Exciting Festivals around the World during October

Is someone have doubt about the most famous beer festival in the world? Munich Oktoberfest is able to attract six million visitors every year, a Bavarian 16-day beer and culture festival celebration has become a rite of passage for every young European people who like beer, and attracts many tourists from various countries.

While in some countries in October is often the activities associated with the celebration of Halloween which is celebrated annually on October 31. Usually masked ball to race the most spooky and creative costumes will color a few places in the world.

In addition to the celebrations there's more exciting festivals in various parts of the world are commonly held during each month of October.

Some of the festivals of interest to visit and decent included in the agenda every year tour.

1. Greenwich Village Halloween Parade, the United States. Parade which falls on 31 October in New York each year attended by more than 2 million people. So make this Halloween a grand festival in the United States. Many of the events there, ranging from dance, circus performances, up to a giant puppet. Do not be surprised when watching the creative costumes, bizarre, and horrible adaptation of the Hollywood movies.

2. Dussehra Festival, India. Festival of the famous and celebrated by Hindus all over India, albeit with varying titles. Usual place in early October.

Watch the full swing of fireworks and firecrackers, very interesting when some people will act as Rama, Shinta, Laksmana and Ravana. They staged scenes of battle between Rama and Ravana. When the character Ravana Rama shoots, any burst of excitement. Visitors delighted with the accompaniment of music and dance.

3. China's National Day, China. Chinese community celebrate the founding of the People's Republic of China on October 1 centered on Tiananmen Square Square, Beijing, and a lively ignition of 23 000 fireworks in Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong.

4. Procession of the Lord of Miracles, Peru. One of the biggest religious festival in the world every year on October 3, hundreds of thousands of people will flood on the streets in the city of Lima, Peru to see this procession. Purple color to the streets when everyone is watching the parade painting of Senor de los Milagros, they also dance, sing, to sell goods themed Jesus. Along premises procession is also held events to welcome the largest bullfighting in Peru.

5. Phuket Vegetarian Festival, Thailand. Attractions at this very sadistic festival which takes place every early October. Celebration for the community of Chinese descent to not eat meat, the priests perform various malicious actions such as cutting up body parts pierced with sharp objects. Another action is to walk on hot coals or sharp objects. Terrible!

6. Frankfurt Book Fair, Germany. Of course the atmosphere is different, the largest book fair in Frankfurt on October 12 to 16. More than 300 thousand visitors, writers, and the important people in the publishing industry who will come here.

7. Jogja Java Carnival, Indonesia. Held in commemoration of the birth of the city of Yogyakarta on October 7 and the usual carnival takes place in October.

Jogja Java Carnival is the culmination of the anniversary with a variety of street performances, dancing on the streets, very lively at night. Performing arts that use the highway as an open stage, people are very happy with its crowds.

Take time to travel in a year and set an agenda by selecting festivals that attract your attention!

(Various sources Kompas /Images Dys Deszell)


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