The Waves Surge of Mandalika Beaches

This region has been known since the past for the backpacker tourists, they look for other alternatives that differ from the tourist area beaches in Bali. It is true, not too many tourists here, so the beaches is comfortable to swim in the afternoon or evening.

Southern coast of the island of Lombok is having the old legend about a beautiful princess in the past, Princess Mandalika, a princess of the royal Tojang Beru. Her beauty brings disaster, she rejected many marriage proposals put forward by the royal princes neighbors, disaster struck. Love is rejected and the princess must make sacrifices, she threw herself into the sea, ocean waves with winds swallow, lightning, and thunder boomed.

Before jumping, she promised to return once every year in the form of thousands Nyale or marine worms, now everyone can have it. Nyale worms can be found all over Lombok Island along the southern coast approximately 72 kilometers an hour from the city of Mataram, but thanks to the history, locals often gather in Seger Beach looking for worms in about February, five days after the full moon.

The south coast of Lombok Island store charm with white sands and the waves are roaring on the sidelines of the rocks, look elsewhere row of green hills that give color contrast in the evening sky.

Although located on the island of Lombok, the area is named "Kuta Beach", is named the same as the famous beach on the island of Bali, just maybe the locals there inspired the beach.

The waves never stopped greet spectacular shoreline, especially in coastal areas of Gerupuk Beach, the surfers love this area, and not just for surfers itself, tourists who just want to enjoy the white sand, snorkeling, diving or just for swimming, can visit the beauty of shoreline curvature with the color of sea water blue-green shades on the beach of Tanjung Aan.

Mandalika beach area with virgin beaches are still waiting faithfully, there.

(Source R Firhadi /Images R Firhadi and H Isnaeni)


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