“Poco-poco Dance” in The Grove Los Angeles

Who would have thought that The Grove area that is usually visited by around 50,000 people each day turn into the music arena on Wednesday, October 26, 2011 in the show "Discover Wonderful Indonesia" singing the Indonesian traditional songs and American songs with an “Angklung” musical instrument in the hands of visitor.

The Grove Los Angeles area known as the regional retail and entertainment complex in Los Angeles, California, built, owned, and operated by Caruso Affiliated on parts of the Farmers Market. The Grove features a large center park with an animated music fountain plays every half hour, though the feature has a non-musical program in between shows.

Despite the area of The Grove found many restaurants, like Maggiano's Little Italy, Wood Ranch BBQ and Grill, Morels French Steakhouse, The Whisper Lounge, The Farm of Beverly Hills, La Piazza and The Cheesecake Factory as a visitors choice, but this event offers Indonesia typical food and culinary to taste (food tasting).

There’s an enthusiasms from visitors were their invited to play an “Angklung” musical instrument and “Poco-poco Dance” together on stage, lively town when residents and foreign tourists also plays angklung guided by Mustika Hendraningtyas who came specially from Jakarta, they are guided to play the song "Tabal Gempita Dance" from Riau and "Manuk Dadali" a Sundanese Dance, rhythmic songs and they all happy dancing merrily.

A total of 700 angklung played and souvenirs were distributed to the rapidly depleted because so much interest from visitors, including Councilman Tom' Labonge of District IV Los Angeles County who participated played an angklung musical instrument.

Another event that gets visitors appreciation is a dance "Rampak Drum" performed by six dancers and lively style of a very interesting clothing, including dance "Bale Ganjur" Bali, "Jaipong", "Ronggeng Blantek", "Kelana Mask", and an unique art show "Reog Ponorogo".

The atmosphere more crowded when the music player's turn traditional "Javanese and Balinese Gamelan" participate fill the entertainment stage.

What an interesting days for visitors in the arena of The Grove, something different than usual they encountered on the other days.

(Source Indonesia Consulate General in Los Angeles /Images Indonesia Consulate General in Los Angeles and wiki)


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