Listening to Jazz music in the Bay of Ambon

People who lived in the islands of Maluku where we can meet many tribes and races, like the Arabs, Buton, Chinese, Minahasa, Javanese and native Alifuru tribes, so famous in the past to the whole world and make this city region as a destination for many European Empire that conducting exploration to find spices.

One of the characteristics of these island communities is their really love music and singing, we'll often hear them singing. A hallmark of the tribe who inhabit this region that will not be found elsewhere.

An annual event held there, “Ambon Jazz Plus Festival 2011” (APJF), have brought a lot of Jazz musicians, like Michael Sembello and Wilkins Ramirez ever amaze and "shake up" stage jazz music event there in 2009. Ambon very enthusiastic community witnessed the presence of jazz musicians from various places who were perform there.

This time the city of Ambon, the capital of Maluku province, held the event on a ferry ship that is part of the opening ceremony of AJPF 2011 that will take place from Friday, October 7 until Sunday, October 9, 2011.

An attractive place to conduct performances of jazz, on board the ferry, which are often used as a passenger ship to cross the Bay of Ambon from Galala to Poka, turned into a place of execution of the opening ceremony AJPF 2011. Red carpet installed in a parking place that used to be a cars and motorcycles with white cloth and mounted on the wall to beautify the deck arena.

Music echoed from “Amboina Hawaian Band” accompaniment for the ferry that was sailing in the Bay of Ambon for about two hours, all visitors to the ship also danced to the music. A number of Ambon song like "Rasa Sayange" and "Mollucas Land of Heritage" sung by the passengers.

Travellers who participated enjoyed the event very fond of jazz music that was played by festival participants who came from Jakarta as well as jazz participants from abroad, such as the Netherlands, Malaysia, and New Zealand.

An annual event that always awaited by the tourists while visiting the tourist area of Ambon since 2009, every first week of October each year.

Other options panoramic tour watching the beauty of nature and the ocean while enjoying jazz music, exciting!

(Source Ant /Images Almas Catie)


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