The Nature Tourism in the riveting Minangkabau

Talking about the beauty of nature tourism in the region of Minangkabau, West Sumatra the taste will never cease to express its beauty, nature virgin adorned beautifully with the ambience around the eye.

Its beauty is not less than Bali that was already famous, located just in the west of Indonesia, such as the Lake Maninjau in Tanjung Raya District, Puncak Lawang, Tigo Baleh Nan Basa, Lawang Park in Matur District, Bandar Mutiara in Tanjung Mutiara District or the thrilling Pacu Jawi cow race and many other .

Enjoying the coconut ice and corn on the cob while watching the beauty of the sunset at the Padang beach, using beach train in the form of an open car to take tourists around the coast.

Tapian Puti is worth to visit in Padang Pariaman, a bathhouse with seven levels. That said, a princess in ancient times often bathe in this place. While in the city of Pariaman, tourists should visit the belle of the city's three beaches, namely Kata Beach, Beach Mirror, and the Gandoriah Coast. These beach is very unique because overgrown with pine trees from a distance the leaves look like a calling.

The beaches in this area so tempting to visit, Arta Beach and Gasan Coast in Pariaman region, give times to stop for a cup of coffee while enjoying the panoramic view of terraced rice fields and the beauty of Lake Maninjau or witness a giant clock in the city of Bukittingi, Jam Gadang which is an iconic of Bukittinggi.

Nature tourism in Minangkabau is looks not complete if we don’t spare our time to enjoy a culinary tour here, the world's famous Rendang dishes with Minangkabau typically food menu that always feels spicy and hot, but so delicious on the tongue.

Yes, its incomplete also if we doesn’t reach the city of Sawahlunto, what is the typical in this area? Take the legendary steam locomotive "Mak Itam" train, "Mak Itam" is an icon of Sawahlunto, formerly "Mak Itam" is used as a coal train lifter who converted to tourist train in 2005.

Tourists can ride "Mak Itam" on the weekends to get around as far as 8 kilometers and feel the atmosphere of the past as the train entered the tunnel mines along one kilometer.

During the trip, natural panorama such as rice fields and local traditional homes will amaze the eyes, as well as in Tanah Datar, the magnificent Istano Baso Pagaruyung (Pagaruyung Basa Palace) welcomes for the tourists, the local people call it the gadang house, is the king's palace in the past with various relics of Kingdom of Pagaruyung in Dutch colonial times.

Are there any other attractions in this region? Of course, the Twin Lakes and enjoy the panoramic expanse of tea plantations in the area of Kayu Aro so soothing eye. Cool air around the Twin Lakes which consists of the Upper Lake and Lower Lake, while enjoying the Markisa fruit sold in the area, just feel like at home when in this Twin Lakes.

Please continue to walk towards the enchanting Lake Singkarak, that already known for its yearly cycling race events, lunch to taste the Bilih fish that characterizes in the Lake Singkarak. Do not be quick to move because of the beautiful panoramic view of Lake Singkarak at sunset. Wow!

(Various sources /Images Evia Nugrahani, Alexander Murfi, Sunny Aulia and Vina Zubir)


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