The coolness and green view of Pondok Halimun Sukabumi

A mountain tourist sites with cool air and green view as far as the eye could see, looking for fresh air in the tourist region in Sukabumi, West Java could be the choice of tourists from Jakarta, if you want to avoid the Puncak’s traffic jam every weekend.

There is no other choice, the way to Sukabumi through Ciawi toll gate is the only path for the car or transportation vehicle to Sukabumi.

Along the main street seemed full of mineral water transport truck, car drivers should be patient enough if you want to overtake a truck transport which controls the road, they walked at a slow pace.

Past the Selabintana Hotel to the tourist area of Pondok Halimun, 12 miles north of downtown Sukabumi, a trip to get there through the tea plantation road, not far from the gate of the Mount Gede-Pangrango National Park. Views of greenery fills the entire sight, cool.

Pondok Halimun (Hazy Cottage) refreshing the body from all tucked in a big city, tea walk, a walking trip along the tea plantations, the right place for refreshing at the green tea plantations, biking and camping to enjoy the out door area.

From the Pondok Halimun tea plantation area immediately continue the journey through the tea plantation area to Situgunung or Goalpara tea plantation, do not forget to use the bike because the scene was greeted at the front of the green journey.

Travellers can release soon tired, eating the roasted corn. Cipelang River upstream with gardens on the banks of the river, the water is very clear, and many large boulders. Fit to be a place to relax over lunch (prepare and bring the lunch before) while holding the mat. Wow!

The air in the vicinity such as cloudy as fog fills the air and the more fog when evening came, should come before noon.

The strong travelers can go for trekking at the foot of Mount Pangrango to see the waterfall, Curug Cibereum, through lush forests and clear rivers along 2 km, the birds singing along the way. Walking trails pretty steep, but the tiredness will be paid upon arrival at the waterfall.

Travel in the middle of greenery and the cool air around it. The fatigue body does not feel anymore, all so fresh!

(Various sources /Images PL, Sukabumi Travel)


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