10 Hot Natural Parks in Lombok-Sumbawa Islands

Traveling to Lombok and Sumbawa islands region can be said as to enjoy the natural paradise for tourists, a lot of natural beauty that can be enjoyed from the mountains, tropical forests, to the exotic beaches that lie on all sides of this islands, when dusk approached, lay in brownish sand watching the sunset comes into a special experience.

The fresh air plus the views of the sky that gives color finest blend of blue, orange, white, reddish to add to the exotic beaches, the calm of the sea waves with a gently sloping coastal areas to be a fun place to swim while enjoying views of Mount Agung in the distance.

Arrive in Lombok and a wide choice of tourist sites have been waiting for, 10 natural parks that are under the management of the Natural Resources Conservation Center of West Nusa Tenggara worthy to be the choice of natural attractions with its distinct charm.

1. Kerandangan Beach. Enjoy the silence of the woods and the beauty of Walet Cave waterfalls which is 1.5 miles from Pondok Kerja and Putri Kembar waterfalls within 2 mile walk down the dusty roads and trails while enjoying the beauty of butterflies and the sounds of birds and the silence of the woods.

2. Suranadi Park. Flora and fauna conservation area with cool ambient air, with typical Lombok culinary treats, such as Satay bulayak, rice cake wrapped in palm leaves (bulayak). Enjoying the atmosphere of relics of the Hindu kingdom with sacred springs flow from the three temples, Pura Ulon, Pura Pengentas and Pura Pembersih.

3. Pelangan Park. Watching wild animals around the tourist area with the atmosphere of virgin nature, such as Forests chicken (Gallus varius), Bondol falcon (Haliastur indus), Koakiau (Philemon buceroides) as well as wild plants Kelicung, Bajur, Bidara that has been difficult to find elsewhere.

4. Bangko-Bangko Park, Sekotong Beach. Trekking tours, surfing with the continues connect waves that relatively long and the beauty of the underwater world, and encounter various wildlife, and if you are lucky along the way will find a rare butterfly that is protected Throides helena.

5. Tunak Mount. Being in the region of Mount Rinjani, rich with flora and fauna, such as Mountain Casuarina (Casuarina junghuhnniana), Edelweiss (Anaphalis viscida), the variety of fauna, Koakiu bird, Punglor, Monkey Forest and various kinds of fish. The long journey through the forest, trekking, watching waterfalls and stunning valleys, greeted with the beach ocean panorama.

6. Tanjung Tampa. Beautiful beach with white sand stretches while watching the presence of rare marine worms, Nyale worm flukes (Polychaeta) which only appears in certain seasons of the year around the communities of coral reefs, mangrove forests, seagrass beds and uniqueness of endemic biota around the small islands add the charm of coastal and marine blue.

7. Lake Swamp Taliwang. The locals calls Lebo Taliwang, the largest freshwater lake in West Sumbawa area of 1406 ha, beautiful scenery around the hills in the distance the eye could see. Fishmongers women boating offering fishing wares to visitors around the lakes.

8. Moyo Island. A quiet little island located at a distance of 2.5 km to the north of Sumbawa Island with an area of 350 km2, is able to attract the attention of the late Lady Di and rock musicians, Mick Jagger, in the past to spend the holidays on this island. The beauty of the beach, waves, coral reefs, and habitat for wild boar, lizards and 21 species of bats, wild deer and there are also groups of crab-eating monkeys, and various species of birds, sharks and turtles.

9. Semongkat Park. The atmosphere in the forest around the area, the air was so cool and calm, started from the beginning of a trip to get there, along the roads filled with huge trees and beautiful views of the valley. Natural rivers, large boulders add a beautiful atmosphere in this place, soak in the river with cold water and cool.

10. Satonda Island and Madapangga Park. Most known as the tourists destination from abroad and other countries and also visited by Prince Charles of England in 1990, silence blanketed atmospheric volcanic island covering an area of 4.8 square kilometers, so quiet relaxing at the beach with red algae-covered trees in the surrounding rocksreef. Located in the Flores Sea, about three kilometers north side of the Sanggar Peninsula, West Nusa Tenggara. Salinity of the lake water area of 0.8 km2 bobbed naturally follow the ebb and flow of sea water around it, giving the charm that will not be found elsewhere.

(Various sources /Images Sasak Comm., R Sungkar, Kaskus, HP Heri, Conservation Lebo Taliwang, Sandra Yuda and Bli Agung)


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