Cannibals eating a German Tourists

Are there still cannibals tribe in the world today? Maybe! Stefan Ramin, 40, a marine geologist and palaeontologist alumni from Georg-August Universität Göttingen thought to have been a victim of the cannibals in his journey on an island in the South Sea, French Polynesia, Pacific.

He has traveled around the world since 2008 using a catamaran (a boat with a double hull) with his girlfriend, Heike Dorsch, 37, it can be seen from a variety photos of his fascinating trip at picasaweb site.

Stefan Ramin comes from Haselau, Schleswig-Holstein, northern Germany writes about himself on a social networking site, that travel around the world is an obsession since being in college, he just wants to "travel, sailing, kiting, kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing, diving... essentially everything that people can do on the surface and under water "

He always wrote down his adventures in an online blog, telling their activities to friends and relatives. Voyage took him to an island in the Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia, he landed in Nuku Hiva Island, September 2011, which has been known since centuries is an area that embraces cannibalism. Curiosity beat his fears about this place and the adventures continued.

He's adventuring through to the interior of the island, as written in various international media, Sunday, October 16, 2011, he went to a traditional goat hunting in the forests along with a local guide named Henri Haiti.

The local guide, Haiti returned alone and said, "Has been an accident. He needs help," but unexpectedly he had evil intentions, the guide abusing Miss Dorsch.

While Stefan Ramin alleged victims preyed upon the cannibals on the island, 22 search team member from the local police found the scattered ashes in a valley. Among the embers contained the bones, including a jaw bone, teeth and the metal melt, which is believed as dental fillings. The investigators believe, a figure "of the human body has been dismembered and burned” there.

Police suspect the locals guide also was one of a group of human cannibals, soldiers from the French overseas territories have joined the police to pursue the guide.

Ominous news for the world of travel adventuring, cannibalism was never heard again in today's modern world, although it was reportedly a tribe in Papua New Guinea, the Korowai tribe (approximately 3000 people) is one of the last tribe of cannibals as a cultural practice.

Terrifying adventure for a traveling event in the world!

(Source dailymail, Bild, xing, Picasaweb /Images S Zudts, B Moitessier)


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