Traveling to Subtropical Countries

Perhaps many people with tropical weather often amazed at the tourists who come from different countries visiting their country, they think the tourists are avoiding the extreme cold weather.

For residents of tropical countries live in a countries with tropical climates it is not that difficult, because it only gets enough sunlight to avoid glare and excessive light.

Now what happens if some of the people from countries with tropical climates have the opportunity to travel to countries with extreme cold weather, especially if the temperature is below zero degrees. That's a difficult thing for them as the tourists, the unusual thing for them.

Of suffering severe received bone-chilling cold weather conditions and very painful, frozen.

Certainly need to prepare for that, such as figuring out how the recent weather conditions in the destination country. How many degrees the temperature of the lowest and warmest temperatures during the winter, of course this is necessary, so that not too surprised, when it arrived in the country to find that very cold air temperatures.

1. Body supplies. Prepare thick clothing, warm clothing by choosing a jacket or coat that does not easily absorb water, so that the body remains warm. No need to hesitate to wear several layers of clothing under the jacket or coat.
2. Complete the outfit with a scarf and other body coverings. Our bodies are sensitive to cold air, especially the nose, ears, neck, hand, feet and immediately use a thick scarf, gloves and socks to shut it down.
3. Take a trip in the city. Cities in Europe during the winter have a tendency to slippery road due to snow or frozen water, using boots or shoes with pads are patterned, so it can be planted on the ground with a steady and keep us from falling slipping. How often have we seen this happen in the winter?
4. Should we prepare drugs? Of course, if the body is very sensitive to weather changes, we certainly do not want to become sick and have a body fever. Contact your medical doctor if you need to be consulted before setting off.
5. Preparation is commonly done when going traveling. For example booking a place to stay, hotel or hostel and others, as well as specific information about the typical culinary there. That of course will add to the attraction when it reaches the destination country, all of us must be need that experience.
6. Location of tourist attraction. Yes, immediately looking for information on tourist attractions of the destination country, should be interesting while enjoying the natural beauty with snow everywhere. It's different things that are not found in their home country.

(Various sources Kompas, wikis and friends /Images Marita and ehow)


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