Tournament of Flower 2012 Tomohon

When we arrived in the city of Manado, North Sulawesi certainly hope to find something unique in this city, there’s many special experiences here. Friendly people, nice girls, beautiful beaches, the charm of Bunaken Marine Park, a rare animal Tarsius or Tangkasi (a type of small monkey) as well as delicious cuisine. The tour was never finished!

It's never finished! Take a trip to the mountains around 1-2 hours drive through the city of Tondano and arrived in a city district, Tomohon, cool town fresh air at the foot of Mount Lokon and Mount Mahawu with various rare species of flora and fauna that found only in North Sulawesi, such as Nepenthes masarangense, Bufo celebensis (horned frogs), Ficus minahassae and Schefflera actinophylla which is the native flora of Tomohon.

Tomohon very rich with flowers flourish and this became the inspiration for residents to hold an annual celebration, Tomohon Flowers Festival, which has been held every July since 2008.

Not only in the “Tournament of Roses” in Pasadena, United States, we see a lively flowers tournament, the Mayor of Tomohon, Jefferson Rumayar and local governments see the potential of the flowers that well grow in this region, they are inspired and immediately held a festival, Tournament of Flower 2012 (ToF 2012), inviting hundreds of participants from various cities and districts in Indonesia.

This annual tournament also seems to invite the attention of many other countries, like Vietnam, North Korea, Russia, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore to participate enliven the party.

A group of flower farmers from a number of flowers centers scattered in the city of Tomohon, such as Village of Kakaskasen, Rurukan and Temboan immediately prepare to welcome the party, as well as in the previous year celebration event, tourists coming from different cities and countries, they are welcome happy festive party.

Thousands of flowers will adorn the convoy of floats along the 7 km, Japanese Aster, Taikoko, Tuberose, Chrysanthemum, rare Orchids and others meet in all corners of place in the city, very beautiful!

At various locations along the road was built the platforms for festival with a variety of other events, such as the Electoral of Princess Flowers, Plants Flower and Horticulture Exhibition, Arts and Culture Events, Agriculture Extension Flowers, Seminars, Flower Arranging Competition, such an annual big moment!

In accordance with the slogan on the festival celebration, "Greet The World with Flowers"

(Source North Sulawesi Tourism Office /Images R Worang)


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