1000 Pearls from Lombok Island

Not only the natural beauty and beaches, this island has been known since a long time as the pearls island. Once we arrived in Lombok International Airport, we see the pearl vendors. They are so easy to find, just walking around on this island, ranging from the hotel lobby, on the edge of the city streets, in the tourist areas, every corner of the city.

Lombok Island is known as South Seas ‘golden’ pearl cultivation area, we can find pearl farms in the northwestern coast of the island, in the west side of Sekotong Timur, Sekotong Tengah, and Lembar area.

Pearl farms in Lombok lies in the chain of ten islands, along the north side of the Sekotong peninsula, between the Sekotong Timur and Bangko Bangko at the west end. In addition to the South Sea pearls, Lombok also known as the freshwater cultivation pearls, although almost the same shape, but the natural pearls (sea water pearls) is still more expensive.

Pearl is a woman’s dream, a good white and brown shape are seen clear, smooth and tends to round. Can be found other forms, round with small bumps that form a natural sea water pearls that can not be formed in the shells.

Large freshwater pearl oval shaped like a dove egg, pink and white as well as the price is relatively very cheap. Freshwater pearls that have been tied up in rings, earrings, and necklaces that use only silver lining for Rp 10,000-20,000 per unit.

Be careful with the sellers who put a price of up to three times the actual price, do not hesitate to bid as low as possible! What about the seawater pearl?

Sea water pearls are very expensive and was only found on the pearl shops of the area 'Sekarbela' in the city of Mataram, Lombok, the price per gram of around Rp 250,000 - 500,000, which is white and the brown the most expensive ranging from Rp 350,000. So one brown pearls which weighs five grams only be worth Rp 1.75 million.

Pearl hunting on this island, especially in the city of Mataram would give experience in itself, given the vendors prices vary widely, depending on the model, design and its size. Lombok pearl tour in the region, be prepared to welcome the sparkle pearl there!

(Various sources /Images IDC, kaskus and Lombok Travel)


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