Trying the delights of 'Bakmi Roxy' Jakarta

Tasting the fresh and tasty broth, it’s the time for the meatballs of Bakmi Roxy or Roxy noodle and its dumplings gravy, the taste is delicious. The chewy meatballs and taste good, so did the dumplings... Awesome! For the portion of costs for Rp 14,000 is appropriate.

Maturation of the fitting, not too mushy or hard, in addition to cabbage, carrots, mustard greens, and eggs, some onion and celery leaves and pieces of fried flour noodle dish that complements this Roxy noodle.

Bakmi Roxy delights are well known since 1990 and its customers quite a lot, the place it's not so big, so be prepared to line up a seat. Wait for a moment so we just give time to feel more hungry, just asking the waiter a portion of noodle or a portion dumplings with its meatballs.

No need to wait a long time, orders soon arrived, the atmosphere around the shop is very busy, noodles comes without permission quickly into the mouth and feel the sensation, yummy.... Taste good and we want to add one serving again, prepare the stomach so it don’t become full.

Then, we can add more pronounced marinade sauce, for those who do not like spicy indeed give different taste, just feel the salty sauce. Noodles and broth feels comfortable on the tongue, but tasty.

Where to find this noodle tent stall? Visit the Roxy area in West Jakarta for a culinary tour, enjoyable, this region has been famous since long time, along the Street of Biak Roxy, West Jakarta approximately 300 meters has to be one place in Jakarta night culinary tour. No wonder if we are in this area, there are many stalls that lined tents along the way, a lot of options there.

Trying different types of food available is a special culinary experience, asking for the meatball noodle, noodle-sized dumplings, in a portion of its oil noodle is not too much. Then added a sprinkling of chicken and chunks of meat, beef meatballs and a sprinkling of scallions.

A place to eat that was so long and we get carried away into the atmosphere that seemed unchanged from ancient times, for visitors of course, their looking for the most important flavor!

(Source J Lahutung and friends /Images Maya N Relisa, wiki)


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