Finding Friends in Solo Traveling

Travelling alone or solo travelling is really a best time for someone, because it shows one side of ourself, a "Me Time" process, a special time for someone while walking gets a place out there.

"Me Time" is a special time to enjoyed and getting to know ourself, a dialogue inside. This special way alone is putting all the decisions, responsibility for ourself. Any decision made will be accepted the consequences ourselves. Learning to pull the trigger, on the other hand, it also minimizes the risk.

Solo travelling sometimes makes ourself felt lonely, a solo traveling is expected to be more open for ourselves, adjust to local cultural and personal approaches to the local population.

Sure is expected to start a conversation, exchanging ideas about your travel experience, to seek advice or just chat. Then how do we do it all? Of course a conversation with strangers is to ask questions, even if you are a quiet though person.

1. The easiest question is asking for directions, dining recommendations, up to an interesting place to visit. Do conversations with employees or guests at a place to stay, it can also at the restaurant, until people passing by on the street.
2. Asking the places frequented by tourists. Meet with other tourists that will reduce the loneliness of traveling alone activities.
3. Stop by to where the backpackers. Only, remains cautious.
4. Looking for friends to speak of tourists who have the same nationality or region. Not that it should automatically trust them, remain wary of strangers.
5. Consider exactly where to stay. Large hotels tend to be more impersonal than a more friendly small inn. Keep in mind, a small inn offers more opportunities to chat with employees or other guests, so it is possible to find a fellow traveler who is also alone and interact with them for just chatting or eating together.
6. Travel alone performed better in the short term. Travel alone would have a specific purpose, such as learning new skills and meet people. Cooking, learning the local culture, such as dances or crafts, or learn to dive.
7. Provide your friends while eating alone, like reading a book. The book is also a good company, right? Read at least will give a feeling of comfort because it was accompanied by a book as entertainment. A lot of experience with books, for example, when the book is closed on the table, it could mean we are willing to join someone for a chat. The same thing can happen when we see a tourist doing the same thing, immediately ask her willingness to join with him.
8. Tips that can be done is to provide the best smile! Smiling widely recognized and accepted everywhere, people who smile will be easier to meet new people. Sure!

So, let’s traveling!

(Source Kompas /Images Yariza and EpicFortFancy)


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