Traveling and Photography Support Each Other

Taking photos is easier with the availability of various options in cameras and photography equipment on the market, photography enthusiast can freely choose what kind of camera products are suitable for use in accordance with the needs and the price could reach.

Not surprisingly, when looking at the camera attached to other devices that can be said to be part of our lives, such as cell phones or smartphone. The opportunity to photograph becomes increasingly easy to do at any time.

Of course some basic things that must be understood in order to produce works of great and interesting photos, the photography is important is not the sophistication of a camera, but the resulting visual works.

Can begin with a camera photographing whatever we have, can be a pocket camera or using a cell phone.

Proper lighting plays a photograph called "successful", as well as good composition and interesting pictures on the targeted object.

Lighting is a precision fit between the lens aperture and shutter speed on the camera. Measurement of lighting can be done automatically, programmed, or set manually on the camera.

Composition is the photographer's ability to arrange objects in a picture frame so that it becomes an interesting photo. To get the right composition, it is necessary to exercise shooting as often as possible.

A photographer who will get to travel a large selection of shooting moments, just not always from the front of the object image, but also try point of view from below or from above the object image. Photos become interesting if the object looks focused and not too meet the frame.

A tourist sites can provoke emotions of the audience after a photographed tourist attraction, a beautiful moment captured, the landscape is an easy object image is generated, but the feeling of the photographer plays a role.

Photographing natural scenery, landscapes, need perfect timing, for example in the morning, before 09.00 am or during the afternoon. Why? The atmosphere at tourist sites will give a dramatic impression. The moment of sunset is always inspiring, especially when adding the human element in the camera frame, the result will be very great!

A masterpiece photographs into high-value when a photographer is able to understand all aspects of culture, arts and customs of local communities that represent the tourist sites where the object image is taken, be a certain satisfaction!

(Source R Helabumi /Images Setiadi Darmawan, Agus Setiawan and Agus Pramudya T)


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