The Blue-Painted Village, "Smurf" is everywhere in Juzcar Spain

Confused where taking the family to travel with the children and other family members? Looking for a unique family tourist attractions and perhaps difficult to find elsewhere, certainly in one place there but we need to prepare the way to get there.

We will be taken to a childhood story about the famous Smurf people that always tucked a sentence with the word "smurf", especially in their character dialogue.

The name of the comic series and also the name of the fictional blue-skinned tribes and small size are created by Belgian cartoonist Pierre Culliford (also known as Peyo) living in a forest of Europe.

Tourists love this place because of its uniqueness, Juzcar Village in Spain, the place was originally a traditional Spanish village that has existed since the past, near the southern tip of Spain about 40 miles west of Malaga, even estimated to have existed since before the year 711.

Initially these villages have buildings that are white, then a festival held in this village and managed to attract people to witness firsthand the celebration of the festival, villagers welcomed with a Smurf-style dress and providing them to take pictures with the tourists.

A film producer chose this village as the material for promoting the film "The Smurfs", and get permission from the villagers to paint every building in the village become blue, and even a church was painted blue, great!

Mayor David Fernandez then asked the opinion of the villagers, whether to defend their villages remain blue as seen in the film, "They want their village like that, blue, and they called me as Papa Smurf," said Fernandez.

Adventure in a jungle and do not be surprised when you meet them, the Smurfs are funny with their typical chatter, "Smurf... Smurf...."

(Source dailymail, Kompas /Images Peter 'Smurf' Joy, thespainforum)


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