Come and taste the Soto Tauco in the city of Tegal

A small town that is famous known for their Aci Tofu and Pletok Tofu, we also can found their other delicious foods, such as satay and lamb curry, Tegal meatballs, Tegal-style Lengko rice, chicken satay, pia palm sugar, godog noodles, until rice mix (rames rice) and other unique dishes.

When passing by the town of Tegal in Central Java's north coast, please stopped at a soto special stall, Moro Tresno, the location is easy to find because it is located in the town square.

Let's try their typical meal, Sauto, which is slightly different from soto soup, gravy tauco given. There are also sauto with clear soup, without tauco and options to suit the buyer tastes with beef tripe and chicken meat.

They are very fond of tauco, the town of Tegal very closely with tauco as one of the ingredients for any kind of cuisine. Tauco characteristic flavor and a slightly sour flavor savory dishes plus meet with a little spicy flavor, the seasoning of pepper sprinkled on top of soto soup. The aroma of spices also add delicious and savory dishes.

One stall location in the plaza east of the city, adjacent to the police station, entered a small door behind the white wall there is a typical Tegal hawker complex called Senggol Market.

Moro Tresno stalls providing food other than sauto, but if not try this food, feels incomplete, what kind of dishes are these foods? Delivered food rings to the table, clear brown gravy with stuffing all housed in a soto bowl round enough to pay for Rp 8,000 per bowl.

Tasty and fresh, the smell of spices tauco give a touch of different flavors, with a choice tauco typical acid content of chicken, beef tripe and other cow innards. In addition, in a sauto bowl also added rice, bean sprouts, scallions, and fried onions. Adding their tasty food!

For visitors who want a meal without seasoning mixture tauco, shop owners also provide soto 'without seasoning tauco', "We have prepared the menu for visitors, visitor tastes are diverse."

Stalls owner got busier serve the visitors, more night and more crowded, almost every day of his stall full of visitors during the opening hours morning until round near midnight, all available with a quick and satisfied customers!

(Source Wink Heryawan /Images W Heryawan)


  1. WOW!!! Looks so tasty!!!

  2. Yes, the story about a travel experience at a place on the north coast of Java. They have a delicious special foods... :)
    Thanks 4 visiting, Rockchic... Cool!


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