Hunting a wild boar on the Sebesi Island of Krakatoa

Apparently an increased of volcanic seismic activity in the Mount Anak Krakatau is not make the tourist afraid to visiting the island, Sebesi Island. The island is located in the Sunda straits in the waters south of South Lampung.

The island is well worth a visit if you like an adventure tourism, hunting a wild animals, especially wild boar. Not hard to reach this island, located in the south of Sebuku Island and at the east of Serdang Island and Legundi Island.

The island area of 1600 hectares is the closest island with the exotic volcano of Mount Krakatoa, only about eight nautical miles, with a fishing boat takes about an hour.

Lodging for backpackers and hostels have been built by the local governments of South Lampung with the rate of Rp 200,000 per night, we can contact Mr Hayun on telephone number 0813 6992 757 3312 or 0828 7013.

Currently there are regular boat sailing from Pier Canti, Kalianda, South Lampung to the Sebesi Island every morning with a tariff of Rp. 11.000, - per person for about two-hour cruise. If we want to explore until the area of Mount Krakatoa volcanic activity also can hire a fishing boat with a tariff of Rp 300.000, - for 30-40 people.

Many tourist activities that can be done when it reaches the island, ranging from diving, snorkeling, fishing, underwater photography, paddling canoes to enjoy the smell of the sea and beaches around the island.

What about hunting wild animals here? Yes, this is the paradise, because of many kinds of animals roaming inside the forest areas of the island, provide a hunting rifle and build huts near a large tree, then give the coconut as a bait, then hordes of wild pigs will soon come without feeling the slightest suspicion, prepare the rifle and shoot... boomm!

The exciting island for tourists who love adventure and natural beauty beneath the sea.

(Source backpacker friends /Images R Cumi and Trubus)


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