Taste the Civet coffee Mint flavor from Lampung

We certainly have been known that civet coffee is steeping coffee using coffee beans taken from the remaining dirt mongoose/mongoose palm, it feels different because it has been eaten and passed through the mongoose’s digestive tract. The famous coffee in Southeast Asia, but became well known among enthusiasts of coffee gourmet after a publication in the 1980s.

The process is unique and unusual to make the beans, difficult to obtain, and of course the price is very expensive reaches $ 100 per 450 grams. How does it feel? Not all coffee enthusiasts already tried it, giving rise to curiosity as to what the actual taste of civet coffee.

Creative invented by coffee craftsmen from West Lampung has drawn tourists trips to the coffee location of civet coffee plantations while enjoying nature virgin there.

Civet coffee entrepreneurs in the district of West Lampung, Lampung Province, is developing products with new flavors of coffee, civet coffee mint flavors are very interested in most of the coffee consumer. A new product which adds to the diversity of processed coffee products.

A craftsman of coffee in there, Gunawan, said that the process of making mint Luwak coffee (civet coffee) is not so difficult, they are very focused on the frying process that will determine the quality of the coffee flavor.

Kopi Luwak or civet coffee is the newest product with their Mint flavor of coffee artisan creativity, but its production has not been too much, is limited by an order worth Rp 900 000,- (99.12 USD) per kilogram.

West Lampung has been known as one of the destinations with its virgin beaches, like Tanjung Setia Beach, known by fans of surfing, as well as traveling to the traditional village of Lampung and wildlife tours in the South Bukit Barisan National Park, exploring the forest and beach to Tanjung Mas/Menjukut Lake, adventure to the hot springs valley of the Suwoh and hidden Ranau Lake in behind the mountain.

The presence of new products Civet Coffee Mint makes sense when the curiosity of the tourists adventuring to this area while watching the process of making coffee there.

- (Source Kompas, ANT /Images G. Santoso and wiki)


  1. This is a very informative post. Many people says the most unique flavored coffee they have ever tasted is this Kopi Luwak, featuring the unusual flavors to the natural fermentation the beans undertake in the paradoxurus' digestive system. The stomach acids and enzymes are very different from fermenting coffee beans in water. I just love to drink it.
    Kopi Luwak


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