"White Crater" Rancabali like a hidden diamond

Bandung has always attracted tourists who visit there, fresh air, cool and cold as well as unique and diverse range of culinary and stunning craft artwork. Travelers spend time at the weekend to enjoy the natural charm of Parahyangan and gathered at the attractions that have been previously known.

They always imagine the tourist sites in Bandung only certain places in the region just north area of Bandung, it turns out such an assumption is wrong, Bandung has several attractions in their south region in Rancabali district, Bandung regency, West Java, such as White Crater (Kawah Putih), Situ Patenggang, Cimanggu, Ciwalini, and MT Highland.

Let's try their first charm White Crater (Kawah Putih), we would be surprised, it turns out this southern region has been visited by 20 thousands of tourists in recent months, coming from different cities and other countries. A number of attractions in Rancabali indeed a beautiful and comfortable place to visit and have a lot of people who knew them, White Crater to be excellent for the most visited tourist attractions, especially on holidays.

Indeed, during this southern Bandung often avoided, because the way to the attraction always dealing with congestion on the highway, either on the way out through the Toll gate up and the queue of transport vehicles that meet the city streets.

Do not worry, the condition was not too long, after reaching Soreang, beautiful panorama and fresh air will soon be enjoyed, on either side of the road you can enjoy views of a variety of vegetables, ranging from green onions, cabbage, tomatoes, to plant other crops.

Many will be found in this region, towards the direction Ciwidey can enjoy strawberry picking tours that are sure for the family holiday, especially give impression for children. Entering Ciwidey expanse of the charming tea plantations, broad and diverse foothill conditions, hot water baths of Ciwalini and Cimanggu.

Well, what about the White Crater tourism? Immediately welcomed in front of the eyes, the crater lake of Mount Patuha which height reaches 2334 meters above sea level. Crater lake water is white transparent and we can play up to the edge of the crater lake.

So many beautiful tourist area of south Bandung, for example, after enjoying the beauty of the White Crater, there's more areas of natural lakes at the foot of the mountain, Situ Patenggang surrounded by Rancabali tea plantations, cool air, rowing the boat around the lake.

The fog was so thick with a very cool mountain air while staying in the cottages or hotels near the region, enjoying a tasty culinary of Bandung, fried chicken with vegetables grilled sour (sayur asem), spicy chili paste (sambel terasi), lalaban vegetable, tempeh, tofu and fried petay. Yummy!

(Source a friend Zoriansyah, Kompas /Images Zori and CC)


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