Singapore included in The Best 5 Marina in the World

In the implementation of the National Cruise Week 2011 event in England on September 18 to 25, 2011 recently, YouGov which represents the Shipping Association (PSA) from Britain conducted a survey of British tourists who travel by cruise ship.

British tourists who choose to travel by cruise ship based on their travel experience to select some of the best marinas in the world as well as the reasons for them why preferred selecting travel by cruise ship.

Travel by cruise ship has several advantages that deserve to be chosen by the tourists, they can visit many destinations in one trip with a variety of entertainment features on board are offered as well as a complete package holiday travel.

Singapore's Marina district deserves to be currently selected in the category of best marina in the third place position together with a marina located in Barcelona and Rome. While New York was selected as the best marina in the world, shifting Venezia to the second place resulting from the survey.

Singapore was selected as the only Asian country that has the best harbor and the preferred marina, because the shining of the Marina Bay Sands region.

Marina Bay Sands (MBS) now becomes a new iconic of Singapore that consisting of hotel, conference venue, theater, museums, casinos, and of course the mall. In September 2011 all parts of the MBS officially been opened, including galleries, boutiques, and several restaurants.

Singapore's population residing in areas of the Singapore River estuary, the more evening, getting increasingly crowded by people who come from work and deliberately choose to walk, people who just hang out, or the people jogging and other exercise.

Travelers who arrive in this island will enjoy the three towers buildings with the height of each of 55 floors above the land, designed by architect Moshe Safdie of Boston, USA.

From a distance the physical form of the building resembles the M letter. At the top of the third hotel tower strung together by a building shaped like a ship which was then called Sand SkyPark, which also became the crown of the building.

People continue to visit this tiny country continues to primp add its beauty, the lion country that never loses its appeal.

(Various sources Kompas, dailymail /Images Veronica Saver)


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