The beauty of the sunrise on Mount Bromo

A friend who lives in Europe send an e-mail and ask how to go to Mount Bromo, Probolinggo, East Java, and I wonder where she found out about the beauty of the sunrise emerging slowly from behind the mountains and clouds.

There are many ways to reach the location of Mount Bromo tours as quoted from some sources, using the airlines, trains, public buses between the city and so forth.

But the following tips may be useful and she can use it.

1. Air Travel
a. Aircraft: Jakarta - Surabaya.
b. From Juanda Airport: Damri Bus – Bungurasih Bus Terminal, majoring in Jember or Banyuwangi, then down in the town of Probolinggo.
c. Bus Terminal Probolinggo: Village car transport – majors to Ngadisari, it cost about Rp 25.000 (2,92 USD). The car transport depart wait until the passenger is full, cool!

2. Railway trips
a. Railway Executives “Agro Anggrek": Jakarta-Surabaya.
b. Railway AC Non Economy “Gaya Baru”: Jakarta-Surabaya.
c. Arrive in Surabaya, from Gubeng Station, ride the Railway "Mutiara Timur": Surabaya - Banyuwangi (Departure at 09.00 pm), get off at Probolinggo Station.
d. Probolinggo Station: Public Transport to Bus Terminal Probolinggo.
e. Bus Terminal Probolinggo: Village car transport to Ngadisari, the last town before the climb to the area around the mounts.

3. Public Bus Travel
a. Executive Bus Jakarta - Jember/Banyuwangi (Stopping at Probolinggo): Bus Terminal Lebak Bulus, Jakarta - Probolinggo.
b. Bus Terminal Probolinggo: Village car transport to Ngadisari.

1. Find a Hotels in the city of Ngadisari.
2. Local residents Houses Rp 100.000 - Rp 200.000 (11,69 – 23,38 USD) per night.

Food and Culinary
1. Traditional Indonesian Food.
2. Chinese Food.

Tourist Attraction
1. Penanjakan Spot: Watching the sunrise, depart from hotel at 3:00 am.
2. Rent a jeep: Cost Rp 300.000 - Rp 400.000 (35,07 – 46,77 USD) per car.
3. Bring gear jackets, scarves, gloves, glasses, earmuffs and hats, because the air is very cold.
4. Rent a horse to reach the top of the mountain.
5. Witnessing the sulfur crater and the Hindu temples from far sights.

A lot tourists experiences who had gone to the area of Mount Bromo always never forget the sensation witnessing the beauty of the sunrise until the sun bright and the peak of Mount Bromo seen adjacent to the Mount Batok.

Above the clouds to see the mist below danced around Mount Bromo, the distant peak of Mount Semeru peeking shyly as if calling.

(Sources Tribunnews, Kompas, A. Suryanto /Images CC)


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