Man bites Snake, Drunken Attack!

This is not a good day for a python snake size about 1 meter that was creeping in the area of Del Paso Heights, Sacramento, California, United States on the evening and was bitten by a man named David Senk, 54 on the road.

On Thursday afternoon, September 1, 2011 in the streets of the city of Sacramento is not too crowded and seems comfortable, a man in a drunken stagger, met with a snake, he is in unconscious conditions, he only remembered that felt something twist his body, not too hard, but annoyed, then he forgot what happened.

He just thought there was like seeing a slippery objects nearby, his head felt heavy and headache, his eyes dazed, all seems unclear.

The police arrived shortly after getting the call at around 18:30 local time, residents saw a man lying in the street and the alleged victim of attack, the man looked unconscious, but Sgt Andrew Pettit of the local police said the man was the perpetrators of the attack.

Python snake that has bitten which is then submitted to the Sacramento Animal Care Services. Due to Senk‘s "attack", the snake lost a number of ribs.

According to police, the two-year-old snake was injured pretty badly, "You could see from his heart and along the side of his body," said Gina Knepp, Manager of Animal Care facilities in the city of Sacramento.

David Senk himself said in an interview with KXTL-TV, Friday, September 2, 2011, can not remember anything about the incident and he admitted having problems with alcohol, and he is currently detained by security 10,000 USD for allegedly making a snake defects.

A great action from a man who has bitten a snake and the snake had never dreamed will face this experience. Cool!

(Source AP /Image CC)


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