Stop Eating Dogs, Please! Dog Eating Festival Banned in China

Times are changing, especially with the vigorous users of the internet and social media sites, so all the events can be responded to immediately place anywhere in the world. As an example of internet users in China that called on government to immediately prohibit the implementation of a ritual that has become a tradition for 600 years.

A tradition should be continued and maintained when it is really good and inspiring for the people and the world community, of course!

Most people in the world maybe just know this ritual from internet, a celebration based on the horrible history of the Chinese empire during the Ming Dynasty who obtained a military victory, the dog was killed to make sure they do not bark to make the enemy doesn’t know of their arrival.

Tradition that may seem very strange to the world community, but this tradition has been running for hundreds of years without a hitch and has been regarded as something normal, as noted above, thousands of young Chinese who understand the technology certainly began to fail with this tradition.

They loudly protested the continuation of this tradition that torturing animals is cruel and the Chinese government seems to respond well to community protests, as reported by Xinhua News Agency, Wednesday, September 21, 2011.

Dog eating has become a tradition in Chinese society, the dogs were killed and skinned in Qianxi city streets, the east coast of Zhejiang province, during the festival, which is usually held in October.

Do not be surprised if we see a dog seller who is managed by the organizers started to cut the dog in the market near on the public road, offering fresh dog meat to prospective buyers, such as those commonly encountered in the beef, chicken or fish market and others.

Chinese society has been accustomed since the old times and they buy fresh dog meat like buying chicken or beef, sellers and buyers make purchases of meat, the dog was killed, was slammed to the floor so the blood does not come out when the meat is slaughtered. Terrible.

Chinese youths than among younger people can understand the sensitivity of the world communities that puts feasibility of which is proportional to the animal, "I hope the dog eating is no longer a tradition anywhere. That activity was not a festival, but a massacre," written by @junchangzai in a social media site.

Hopefully that happens and immediately stop the slaughter.

(Source Xinhua, Ant / Images globalNews, care2 and S. Thong)


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