Giant "Monster" Crocodile from Agusan del Sur Philippines

A group of residents and crocodile farmers in a town of Bunawan in Mindanao Island, south Philippine, was watching a crocodile from a distance in a river, they had three weeks of waiting for this opportunity, catch the crocodile.

Villagers in the vicinity of the river was worried about information of a giant crocodile that is often seen at night or during the day in certain places, why the crocodile appeared in residential areas, they are afraid!

Bunawan Mayor, Cox Elorde, few weeks before has been meeting with the City Council to discuss how the best method to capture the crocodile that feared the residents around the river that flows in the town of Bunawan, dozens of residents have voluntarily submitted themselves to immediately capture the big giant animal.

This region has been known previously as the agricultural and forestry areas with rain-fed areas, which produces rice, corn, banana, oil palm and other fruits, but it is also known as an area of fresh water fishery that is so abundant, such as mudfish, catfish and tilapia.

Residents that predominantly manages the farm and fishing are often seen crocodile in the river, but this time they feel worried about a giant crocodile before becoming prey, and they wanted to catch this giant animal.

As reported by the Sydney Morning Herald, Tuesday, September 6, 2011, a giant crocodile captured with weighing 1.075 kilograms and length of 4.6 meters on Saturday night.

The Mayor was very surprised after seeing this giant crocodile, "We were scared but it is our aim to safeguard the villagers from threats," said Elorde.

This crocodile is one of the giant crocodile captured in the Philippines within the last few years, and will become the center of attraction in a ecotourism park in that town, "Crocodiles will become the park's biggest star," he said.

(Source Kompas, SMH, AFP, Sun Star /Images CC)


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