Delicious taste and flavors of Xiao Long Bao!

It’s Sunday night and it’s cool if have a the time to try the Chinese food at a recommended resto in town, is still within the celebrations of Moon Festival, the sensation of Xiao Long Bao.

Paradise Dynasty is located on 5th Floor Plaza Senayan, Jakarta provides a special menu until mid-September especially for those who love the cuisine from Shanghai, a tasty type of dim sum, especially in the mouth with a sauce or gravy dip soup stew.

Xiao Long Bao is a kind of steamed dumplings soup are processed in a simple way, gravy soup frozen, cut in small squares, put together with processed meat or whatever you want to be included in the bao skin.

The dough is steamed in bamboo baskets in particular at high temperatures, Xiao Long Bao was very delicious eaten while it still hot. At first bite it will feel the warmth of soup that has been melted in the dumplings.

Xiao Long Bao looks unique because of its presentation that uses bamboo baskets, note how to eat and taste an experience itself. These steamed dumplings are delicious eaten without anything, but pairs of black vinegar and ginger slices will add to the enjoyment of these foods.

Eating Xiao Long Bao available at this restaurant with eight mini bao and eight flavors (different bao colors), original flavor with a sweet gravy, ginseng, foie gras (goose liver), the black truffle mushrooms, cheese, crab eggs, original flavor with onions, and Szechuan mushrooms.

Cuisine bonus a Mooncake portion available to complete a Xiao Long Bao meal provided in this restaurant, please be careful when opening the baskets, slowly so that the buds are not damaged the bao, then soak the ginger and vinegar with herbs and eat a little bit by little. Hahaa...

Enjoy the Xiao Long Bao with a soft, the bao was hot, be careful spilled dumplings soup, do it slowly to enjoy a variety of bao colors and flavors. Yummy!

(Various sources /Images Paradise Dynasty)


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