Chinese Thanksgiving on 'Moon Cake Festival'

Many versions of the Chinese community that developed in China about the Moon Cake Festival also called Moon Festival, Chinese traditional round-shaped cake, symbolizes of determination and integrity. However, over the times, other forms appear to add variation in the commercialization of mooncakes.

The history of moon cakes indeed describe a lot of legends, a folklore version of Han during the Ming Dynasty against Mongol rule of the Yuan Dynasty. They believe that by eating moon cakes which were distributed by fighters under the leadership of Zhu Yuanzhang can prevent the disaster that befell the people of China, through a revolution that delivered the message on the cake in the people fighting together against the invaders.

Since then, generations of Chinese people celebrate the Moon Cake Festival as a form of offerings to the Goddess of the Moon every full moon come up that are also considered as a thanksgiving to the coming planting season, readiness to work hard and hope to succeed in the harvest.

This celebration is also known as Mid-Autumn Festival, if you celebrate Christmas, or other countries celebrate Thanksgiving, the Moon Festival is the biggest celebration of Chinese society. This year's Mid-Autumn Festival arrived on Monday, September 12, 2011 on the 15th day in the month of the 8th on the Chinese Imlek calendar, when the moon was full. In the agrarian culture of China, it is the beginning of the season of good harvest.

If want to find the original taste of the moon cake, its need basic materials, such as lotus, wheat flour (Hongkong flour), sugar syrup, imported from abroad especially China. The manufacturing process does not use the machine at all (hand making) like moon cakes on the market today.

Making the cake is traditionally used wooden equipment to form out and flattens the dough, processing entirely by hand, so that the flavor produced is also savory sticky, soft and naturally sweet. Therefore, the cookies that do not use preservatives is most delicious when served with chinese tea to neutralize its sweet taste.

In the tradition of the people of China, mooncakes are now used as a delivery cake in the spring. If you send them to friends or relatives, it means you always pray for success and luck.

Moon cake is certainly not about to fly to the moon, but enjoy the taste of sweetness, so tasty on the tongue.

(Various sources /Images CC)


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