Train Traveling tips in a tourist site

When we are in a trip at the tourist site, after a walk to some place, then we faced with a choice to use the railways in the next tour at the venue.

Prepare everything in order not to run into trouble in the train journey. For example, need to know where the location of the railway station, the available majors destination and others related.

Some of these tips may help:

Prepare personal equipment that will be taken. Journey may be long, so the following items need to be taken, soap, towels, toothpaste, and drugs. Of course, other important items need to be prepared such as garments, T-shirts, personal documents, agenda book/notes, passports, money, little food and beverages (snacks and mineral water) and a small bag or backpack for extra shoes or sandals and others.

Make a note on the pad. Write a small note about the desired goals, what items need not be brought back to the train, destination, lodging, mileage, and costs that need to be prepared.

Book a ticket a few days earlier. Always buy from the official site or online tickets or places recommended by local officials. Avoid brokers who provide low prices.

Prepare time carefully. It's safer to wait at the station rather than linger at the inn/hotel, because we can obtain the latest information on everything related to the departure of the train.

Do not be careless when it is inside the train. Although we will fall asleep, it is advisable not to get too deep, especially railway tickets and items are placed in a safe place. Moreover, when the situation on the train so crowded, it would be troublesome.

When arriving at the destination. Do not rush to exit the train, learn first the situation for a while, see if there are porters to help carry stuff, are they used the uniform? Always be vigilant when walking through the crowd passing around the station.

Do not we want a pleasant travel experience, be wary still need any transport medium used.

(Various sources /Images A. Fandri)


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