10 World's Cheapest Tourist Destinations

Europe is a dream area for many countries, politically stable and economically well established as seen from their lifestyle community, the cities glow after dark, the roads are smooth, and several large buildings are magnificent.

A report by the chief economist of International Monetary Fund, Olivier Blanchard, who says that the world economy entering a dangerous period. A total of 17 countries using the euro this year is expected to grow 1.6 percent, while 1.1 percent next year.

Europeans are slowly changing as some countries are facing tightening budgets and expenditures. Now it's time to tighten belts, austerity.

Of course this has impact to the world travel, a tourism report issued by the Head of Post Office Travel Money, Sarah Munro cites from Dailymail, Monday, September 29, 2011, which compared the prices and currency values of tourist destinations in the world.

British tourists more closely and carefully select the consideration of all tourist destinations as long-term travel costs, so that tours can be progressing well.

Sri Lanka occupies the best places in the world as a proper destination, the price offered was so cheap so it fits into a tourist destination for travelers who consider the budget for tourism affairs.

Indonesia is ranked seventh after Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico, Malaysia, and South Africa. Ten items are rated if bought in Indonesia will spend 59.20 pounds. When compared to the year 2010, the price in Indonesia is experiencing an increase of 11 percent.

The price factor is determining why Sri Lanka occupies the cheapest places for 10 types of goods worth £ 31.81, down by 38 percent cheaper than Thailand, which is the destination of Sri Lanka's rivals in terms of long-term vacation destinations at affordable prices.

While China has increased prices by 27 percent which means 10 the same goods worth £ 116.43, Singapore became the most expensive if we want a bottle of beer, a bottle of beer on average spend 6.18 pounds, followed by Canada at 5.48 pounds.

What if we want to enjoy wine? Avoid when you are in China because the prices reached 11.04 pounds. Then followed by Singapore at a price of 8.43 pounds.

Items which required a lot of tourists on their way, including one bottle of mineral water, beer, sun protection cream, insect repellent, and three meals for two people including drinks wine.

Although even so, there is always the best way to travel carefully and enjoyable tour.

(Source Kompas, Dailymail /Images V Saver, F Angela and Prima W Hatmi)


  1. thanks for this
    im always looking for places to go on the cheap

  2. but my country is ranked only seventh... not too good, Sri Lanka is really cheap enough... :(

    Thank you for coming, Sarah.. Cool!

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