Enjoy the Traditional cakes at “Pasar Senen” Morning Market

The morning time when sun had not risen, but the atmosphere in the morning dawn market “Pasar Senen” looks crowded, a variety of buyers and sellers have been involved in the transaction there. All run in an orderly without giving the command, a typical habit of the people who visit traditional markets.

Did you ever see a traditional Indonesian cakes? Lemper, klepon, semar mendem, or cupcakes in various sizes? If you want a large and small cakes are available according to buyers wishes. Similarly, shape, square, flat, and are often found as an oval-shaped rice cake. Every form of cakes have different flavors, flat shape provides a sense of chicken into stuffing lemper, enjoyment has been felt at first bite.

Once the plastic and the wrapper of two pieces of banana leaves is opened, the tongue can immediately feel the sensation of the delicious blend of chicken meat in between two layers of white sticky rice, similar to bread given a jam inside.

What about the Klepon cake? Round cake with sticky rice flour ingredient contained liquid brown sugar is wrapped in shredded coconut served with a variety of sizes.

Buyers liked it, felt in the oral cavity is so soft, sweet on the tongue, be careful of sugar contained in the cake can be gushing about the clothes, haha....

There's more round shaped Ongol-ongol cake sago flour based, covered with grated coconut, it feels sticky and chewy, delicious too, yummy ...

Merchants in traditional cakes known as Pasar Senen cake dawn merchant, was wise enough to address consumer demand. Mas Robiyanto, vendors selling of a variety of cakes, said that buyers and cake fans of traditional pastries like the cakes in a size that is not too large, mini, in order to choose the various types in a practical to carry and eat.

"Buyers seem smart when buying small cakes, they can select the appropriate type and variety of forms, especially the smaller sized..." said Mas Robiyanto.

Traditional cakes are available in the dawn market is of course sold in a variety of prices, ranging from Rp 1,500, - to Rp 7,500, - (0.17 - 0.85 USD) per cake with number one quality materials and the delicious taste cakes, mini-sized cakes are even more expensive .

The market continues to run their activities in the morning with another transaction, sellers and cake makers creativity are challenged to make sense of innovation with a their special cake recipe. Traditional snacks that remain stylish in the midst of the times.

(Source Kompas, okezone /Images Ramli)


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