Manado Yellow Rice, It's Delicious!

When we are having the time in the city of Manado, North Sulawesi soon arose in our mind, go to Bunaken Marine Park! But there are always other options in this town.

Not always sea and beach traveling in Minahasa Sulawesi, we also have several options to enjoy the charm of the islands and marine parks around Lembeh, Likupan, white vibrant beaches on the island of Mahoro and natural air coolness of Lake Tondano, even species of Tarsius (the shy smallest monkey in the world with a height of only 10-20 cm) that can be found in the region of Bitung.

What about the culinary in there? Hunting culinary in Minahasa, especially in the city of Manado is a distinct pleasure to try their food creations, as an example of typical Manado porridge dishes, Tinutuan, panada, corn on the cob with spicy sauce and Manado fresh seafood known as obtained directly from fishermen without preservation.

There's something that might be worth to try, namely Manado yellow rice (Nasi Kuning Manado). Typical food in this city are often found in various corners of the city, such as shopping malls, roadside stalls, or we can found at around Pasar 45 market in the downtown.

Talking about yellow rice in Manado, immediately some friends give recommendations, they give suggestions to visit Nasi Kuning Saroja, yellow rice stall typical of Saroja family that has been familiar with the lives of citizens of this city, located at Jalan Diponegoro, not far from the center of the city of Manado, and is easily accessible by public transport .

This yellow rice comes with sliced tuna, beef, chili sauce, and do not forget the fried onions and boiled eggs added. A serving of yellow rice was sold at a price of Rp 11.000 (1,23 USD) and yellow rice with eggs at Rp 14,000 (1,57 USD).

It was no doubt, smell taste of tuna fish fed a mixture of galangal, ginger, brown sugar, and pepper curls. After that fried and added a little soy sauce. Rice is eaten slowly warm into the mouth, accompanied with chili sauce and fried beef, it felt wooww...

Arriving in the city of Manado and do not forget to spare time enjoying this yellow rice, it’s delicious!

(Source friends from Manado /Images M Woku)


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