Sabang is secluded but should not be forgotten

The town is located on the island situated across the northern island of Sumatra, including in Aceh Province, there are an islands in the vicinity, Weh (the largest), Rondo, Klah, Seulako and Rubiah.

An archipelago region included in the free economic zone of Indonesia, often referred to as the northern most point of Indonesia, precisely on the island of Rondo. Defined as a free trade area, goods are not taxed, Sabang is a duty free island region.

Therefore, Sabang could be a suitable tourist destination not only for foreign tourists, but also for domestic tourists, a city that has long been known as a tourist area, but secluded.

Since the reign of the Netherlands around the 1800's, has been known as place for sea tour, because of its beautiful natural wealth and virgin, Dutch heritage and historical buildings. In addition, tourists can see in the first hand Sabang traditional customs, unique culinary and of course from their old history, they have a very tolerant of religious life and a peaceful smile.

Try to enjoy the journey in the town of Sabang, the road in the city is smooth and not bumpy, with no red light and free of traffic jam. In addition, access to the port of Sabang has a deep water, large ships can be anchored there by the condition of the ship could actually docked in the harbor.

With the Sabang International Regatta 2010 events, the city will be more excited to welcome the arrival of tourists, the sailboat as an entry point and exit of international sailboats to Indonesia.

Excellence tourism in the city of Sabang is its sea tourism with five dive centers, a cool dive spot refer to other places in Indonesia. Generally tourists from the Netherlands, Germany, and even from neighboring countries, Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore, the diving enthusiasts will stay around the islands for a month to enjoy the underwater nature.

Tourists can reach this city through Banda Aceh or direct flights from Malaysia, through Kuala Lumpur and Penang. Then from Banda Aceh, followed by a fast boat for 45 minutes about 14 nautical miles from the coastal city of Banda Aceh. Likewise, tourists from Europe have made use of direct trip through Rotterdam.

Travel to the most western part of Indonesia, what an interesting journey, interesting Provinces, lots of history behind. Hopefully not forgotten.

(From Lucy's journey /Images Lucy Pandjaitan)


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